Book a Course

There are a few options when booking courses.

(1) : A closed "group" training request (where we come to you).

This option is available on all our courses. 

At the booking stage, no financial commitment is made. There will need to be a discussion with the allocated lead trainer with regard to any travel, accommodation or subsistence costs. These should be agreed before the initial visit, where with senior leadership and management, course content is discussed, training venue risk assessed and advice on paperwork underpinning practice provided if appropriate.

Team Teach Ltd's 6 Hour ( One Day) & 12 Hour (Two Days) courses are only offered ""in house", with bespoke content and designed for specific workplaces. 

6 Hour Booking Form / 12 Hour Course Booking Form

Team Teach Ltd does not deliver general courses that outside participants can join in, therefore certificates that are issued, reflect the outcomes of knowledge, skill, understanding related to reducing risk around supporting individuals and their presented challenging behaviours, in their specific workplace.


(2) An Open "individual" Course Booking (Where you come to us).  

This option is only available on our Train-the-Trainer courses.  Open trainer courses are available throughout the year across the UK.  

Trainer the Trainers Info