Book a Course

There are a few options when booking courses:

(1) : A closed "group" training request (where we come to you and deliver in house, bespoke to your needs).


 The first step, without any financial commitment, will be to complete the on line booking form. 

For staff supporting young people/ adults  with documented special needs, in specialist settings, we recommend a minimum of a 12 hour course. For mainstream primary / secondary schools / colleges, the 6 hour Foundation course is normally the preferred option. 

 Once you submit this booking form - see closed  course booking links on the left hand side of this page, we will provide you with the contact details of the lead trainer, so that you can discuss your requirements further. Our trainers manage their own working diaries, so you will need to complete the booking form in order to discuss their availability.

 Dates for the initial visit, as well as, the follow up training, can be discussed directly with the lead trainer, once the booking form has been received.

 At this booking stage, no financial commitment is made. There will need to be a discussion with the allocated lead trainer, with regard to any travel, accommodation or subsistence costs. These should be agreed before the initial visit, where with senior leadership and management, course content is discussed, training venue risk assessed and advice on paperwork underpinning practice provided, if appropriate.

This option is available on all our closed courses. 

Team Teach Ltd's 6 Hour ( One Day) and 12 Hour (Two Days) courses are only offered ""in house", with bespoke content and designed for specific workplaces. 

6 Hour Booking Form / 12 Hour Course Booking Form

Team Teach Ltd does not deliver general courses that outside participants can join in, therefore certificates that are issued, reflect the outcomes of knowledge, skill, understanding related to reducing risk around supporting individuals and their presented challenging behaviours, in their specific workplace.


(2) An Open "individual" TRAINER Course Booking (Where you come to us).  

This option is only to individuals who already hold a valid 6 / 12 hour certificate. This 6/12 certificate should still be valid when attending their selected trainer course. Individuals should be sponsored by their employer. The trainer certificate will permit the individuals to lead training, with another qualified assisting trainer, for employees of their employer within permitted ratios and supervision standards.  Open trainer courses are available throughout the year across the UK.  Once full, trainer courses are then taken off the web site. See open course booking link on the left hand side of this page for dates, locations, costs and amount of spaces of trainer courses with availability.

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