Keypoints About Training Cont

Team-Teach is presently accredited by ICM in 2015 and historically by B.I.L.D : 2006, 2009 and 2012) . The physical techniques are constantly being evaluated and monitored, with safety for staff and service users being paramount.

Team-Teach instructor courses are quality controlled and externally moderated.

All tutors are required to undertake refresher courses if they wish to retain their certification to teach within their employer's organisations or Local Authority. During the following grace period (4 months) tutors can assist, but not lead. Once outside of the grace period, tutors are no longer validated by Team Teach to train staff.

Tutors are provided with a teaching manual and access, via the tt web site trainer area, to the video technique files and various good practice documents and materials to aid the delivery of their own courses.

Informing Team Teach: For any 6, 12 hour or refresher course, there is an expectation that lead trainers will notify Team Teach ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) no later than two weeks and where possible, four weeks before the training event. This is to comply with the Quality Control and Assurance requirements. Trainers should provide the following information:

  • Names of tutors involved
  • Lead trainer contact details
  • Number of course participants
  • Training Venue address
  • Dates of training
  • Proposed course outline with timings for all sessions
  • Date of Health Questionnaire distribution check

Lead tutors are required to produce a summary evaluation report that is returned to the Commissioner of the training, as well as, the Director of Team-Teach. A copy should also be retained by the lead trainer. The summary evaluation report will address the critical issues of safety and the techniques being but one part of a holistic, whole setting response to behaviour management.In addition, the individual signed evaluation forms should be retained centrally. Principal and Senior trainers are expected to retain all original individual evaluations forms providing copies for the service managers concerned.

Organisations and local authorities are encouraged to achieve a gender balance when selecting individuals for tutor training. Ideally tutor teams should be composed of a least one male and one female. This is important when it comes to facilitating the right approach and attitude from course members.

On 6 ,12 hour and advance modular courses, employer Intermediate and advance tutors are NOT permitted to train new members of staff alone. The ratio of tutors to new course members, on a 6/12 hour course, should be no less than 2 tutors from 1 to 24 course members, 3 tutors are required for 25 to 36 course participants; then the supervision ratios increase by 12 participants and 1 tutor. For 6 / 12 hour refresher courses, it is permitted for 1 tutor to refresh a group up to 12 participants in size before being required to gain the assistance of another tutor. For Advanced tutors, this ratio drops to 2 tutors up to 16 participants, 3 tutors between 17 to 24 participants: Twenty-four is the maximum size of group participants permitted for advance modular training.

Tutors are assessed in both the theory and practical elements of the course.

Tutors can become part of a "good practice" trainer database network, available to trainers via their trainer area on the tt web site.

Following training, as staff become more confident and competent, there should be a decrease in the amount of serious incidents / restraints taking place. 

Team Teach acknowledges that no single technique is foolproof. All incidents and situations carry an element of risk. The physical techniques in Team Teach seek to minimise risk whilst providing a caring and considered response.

If "authorised adults" are to acquire confidence and competence, there will be a need for distilled number of techniques to be selected, relevant to the setting concerned, to be refreshed and practiced on a "regular" basis.

New staff should be introduced to Team Teach as part of their induction, within no more than 60 working days.

Team Teach promotes cross-agency, multi-professional collaboration - Team-Teach training has received letters of support from unions and National Associations, as well as favourable comments from OfSTED and the Health & Safety Executive.

Dr Sarah Evans of the University of Wales conducted a project (November 2014) evidencing the benefits of Team Teach training: " When assessing students there was a clear improvement in behaviour management techniques...All participants were awarded certification which enhances their CV and can enable them to work in more challenging / vulnerable settings with an increased awareness of the legal framework and apply appropriate de-escalation...when observed both formatively and summatively students have increased skills in behaviour management in professional settings, most notably in the mental health field.."

An international network of over 8, 000 registered tutors and over 90 plus Local Authorities are using Team-Teach as their preferred training method in children's, adult services and Health Care Trust across the full range of the needs / risk continuum.