Positive Behaviour Support Training

Supporting positive behaviour cultures in adult care settings.

Everyone in your organisation can benefit from Team Teach Positive Behaviour Training to help support positive behaviour cultures. Our person centred, tailored training solutions provide a toolkit of skills and knowledge for those working with adults in health and social care settings, from direct support staff to clinicians to carers.

We carefully design each programme to deliver practical, proven and safe strategies to support individuals with behaviours of concern. This ensures that everyone who is part of the team supporting adults in distress is part of the same consistent approach, underpinned by the core values of dignity, understanding and respect. Preventative approaches, through to de-escalation and reducing situations of risk through restraint reduction, to support a positive approach to behaviour.

Our training solutions are customised to individual environments and organisations across all populations to ensure vulnerable adults receive high quality support and care, preventing and minimising restrictive practices, reducing conflict and crisis and promoting the welfare of everyone.

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Our Training

You will learn that a consistent approach in supporting people provides a stable and nurturing environment.

We believe that all behaviour is communication being driven by experiences and emotions and our approach is 95% understanding behaviours, using preventative strategies and encouraging de-escalation. There may still be a need to manage physical risk on a variety of levels and you will learn how to safely apply fully risk assessed physical interventions.

Following a training needs analysis, we will create a bespoke set of modules that will equip everyone within the team with the confidence and strategies needed to support positive behaviour cultures.

Our training covers how to develop effective supports to help those in distress by :

  • Understanding the different stages of crisis and plan proactive responses to de-escalate, reduce conflict and manage risk
  • Understanding of behaviours and communication approaches
  • Considering the impact of trauma on an individual
  • Developing effective person-centred strategies to nurture positive behaviour environments
  • Implementing legislative frameworks and guidance
  • Identifying risk assessed physical interventions
  • Post incident support and learning
  • Building and restoring relationships
  • Identifying risk behaviours and responding to distressed individuals appropriately and proportionately
  • By de-escalating and avoiding incidents of distress
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Bild Certified Positive Behaviour Support Training

Team Teach is certified by the BILD Association of Certified Training and delivers programmes complying with the Restraint Reduction Network Standards.

This content includes the accredited toolkit of primary, secondary and tertiary strategies, delivering de-escalation and crisis intervention training as well as post incident learning, to support individuals presenting with behaviours of concern.

All of the content from the Level 1, 2 and Advanced modules can be delivered as a BILD accredited training package.

Become a Team Teach Trainer

By attending one of our courses to become a Team Teach trainer, you will be able to deliver our training, and be able to provide a consistent approach in positive behaviour training within your organisation.

With your newly gained knowledge and skills, you can deliver training specific to the unique needs of your setting, progress your ongoing professional development and grow a shared culture and understanding within your workplace.

By increasing your understanding and awareness of behaviour support strategies, you will enhance the team abilities to create and nurture a positive and caring ethos within your environment.

Your organisation benefits from a consistent and cost effective way to train your teams, whilst also being able to quickly respond to training needs as and when they arise.

You will be able to adapt and shape the training to meet the differing needs across your organisation, whilst being reassured that all of the training is underpinned by best practice guidance and legislative frameworks.

Become a Team Teach Trainer

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Team Teach is evolving, with the launch of our new website and Connect platform. Connect is a new way for us to add ongoing support, a wealth of practical resources and the latest thinking in behaviour support. Keep an eye out for more info in your email inbox.