Team-Teach makes Pru unrecognisable. 

Hi George

 I hope you are well.

As of June last year, I secured my first headship at a Pru for 5-16 year olds called EOTAS in Eston, Middlesbrough. It was a provision in crisis with regards attendance, behaviour and leadership. We have been on a fantastic journey and were awaiting OFSTED practically since I started!

 I implemented Team Teach to all staff as of October 2017 and I spent my first 6 months visible in the provision promoting positive relationships and challenging negative behaviours. The impact of Team Teach has transformed the behaviour in the provision and criminal damage and the rate of exclusion are unrecognisable since I took over.  (2016-2017, 64 pupils fixed term excluded for a total of 373 days. 2017-18, 2 pupils, 3.5 days)

 All this positive work resulted in a 'Good' OFSTED result on 20th March 2018! much to the delight of the LA who never believed we would make this in such a short period of time.

 I believe that Team Teach has played a significant part in securing the good OFSTED and vindicated my reason to continue my instructors licence and implementing it in the first place!

 Kind Regards

 Leigh Beaumont

Head Teacher


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 Highly recommend this course for all special services.. It is what we've needed for years in establishing and spreading a considered structure and high quality practice"

 This course is extremely relevant in terms social service staff being able to carry out their duties and responsibilities with safety for staff and clients in a responsible, caring and safe way"

 At last somebody knows where we are coming form and understands our needs!"

 Has been the most valuable and enjoyable course I have experienced relating to behaviour. Not only the physical techniques, but also the ways in which we can de-escalate a problem were valuable"

 very useful course, clear instructions with emphasis on reality"