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Our engaging Level Two course (12 hr) in positive behaviour management is available for organisations supporting children, young people and vulnerable adults with documented special needs or challenging behaviours, and who may pose a risk to themselves or others in medium-risk Education and Health and Social Care settings.

We believe that all behaviour is communication being driven by experiences and emotions. We deliver a toolkit approach that is 95% understanding behaviours and encouraging de-escalation. The 5% assesses the need for physical intervention in conjunction with a need’s analysis.

  • Delivered by expert trainers with current experience in Education and Health and Social Care
  • This group course is tailored to the needs of your organisation and can be delivered via blended learning or face to face at your setting
  • Our training emphasises positive relationships as being the key element in behaviour support, with physical techniques serving as only one part of an overall approach. As such, it is entirely compatible with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approaches.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for individuals operating in a medium-risk environment and is ideal for those working in:

  • Pupil Referral Units
  • Special schools
  • Adult learning
  • Children’s homes
  • Health and elderly care


It is particularly aimed at those working with individuals whose behaviour foreseeably poses a risk to themselves or to others.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn how to;

  • Understand the drivers and motivations displayed by individuals who are distressed and may become aggressive and disruptive
  • Build a stronger team confidence around supporting behaviour
  • Utilise a toolkit of holistic strategies on de-escalation and crisis intervention, including the importance of targeted communication, both verbal and non-verbal.
  • Understand and know relevant legal standards and expectations related to use of force, and of the reporting, recording, monitoring and evaluating requirements of incidents involving physical controls and reasonable force.
  • Execute simple and safe positive handling and personal safety techniques: including guiding, escorting and holding in standing, sitting and kneeling positions safely, appropriate for your service setting needs, which focus on maximum care -minimum force
  • Improve expertise and confidence in staying safe, competence to carry out simple de-escalation strategies, and applying physical intervention in conjunction with a need’s analysis.

This course is organised into 8 modules:

(This course includes a more extensive range of positive handling techniques)

Module 1 - Background to Team Teach

Module 2 - The Legal Framework

Module 3 - Understanding Aggression

Module 4 - How Feelings Drive Behaviours

Module 5 - De-escalation and De-fusion

Module 6 - Personal Safety

Module 7 - Positive Handling – including guiding, escorting and holding in standing, sitting and kneeling positions safely*

Module 8 - Repair, Reflection and Review

*The techniques delivered will be appropriate to the service settings of the group.

As closed courses are tailored to the service setting, they may involve additional content.

Course Length
2 Days (12 Hours)
Course Type
No. Participants
Certificate valid for
24 Months 


For up to 12 participants: £2,260 (+VAT) plus trainer expenses

For up to 24 participants: £4,510 (+VAT) plus trainer expenses

Number of participants

Our closed, ‘in-house’ courses are designed for groups of 12, 24, 36 or 48 participants. Fewer participants may attend, but you will be billed in units of 12 participants. Prices given are exclusive of VAT and trainer expenses.

The Team Teach Experience

Team Teach is an accredited, award-winning provider of training in positive behavioural management strategies. The Team Teach approach and philosophy has been developed by practitioners with over 20 years’ experience in delivering respectful, accessible and practical behaviour management solutions. We are the only company of our kind to have received a National Training Award, the highest level of award in the UK. Focused on teamwork and communication, our courses foster more supportive working practices, helping people recognise the needs of the children and adults they work with, offer help where necessary, and be able to make use of support when offered.

Booking Process

Give us a call, to discuss your training requirements and advise accordingly. Once a booking has been made we’ll then refer you to a lead trainer who will arrange a further consultation and ensure our course is tailored to your needs.

Key Course Information

Level Two is delivered over two days, amounting to 12 hours’ interactive, practical training, spanning eight modules. This training is delivered in-house and tailored to the needs of participants. Prior to any training, we will discuss the content that you need, and devise a curriculum to meet the specific needs of your service setting. The Team Teach approach emphasises positive relationships as being the key element in behaviour management, with physical techniques serving as only one part of an overall approach.

Participants will receive a Course Workbook and, upon successful completion, a certificate.  Certification for this course is valid for 24 months.

Developing and supporting positive behaviours with transformative training

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