Parent Course: Understanding Behaviour

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This three-hour course equips parents with an understanding of the drivers behind behaviour. Individuals will learn a wide range of positive strategies for dealing with a variety of behaviours and encourage positive relationships in their home environment.

Who is this course for?

Any parent or carer seeking to better understand and engage with their children would benefit from this course, which offers a toolkit of positive behaviour strategies applicable across a range of daily life scenarios. This course is also suitable for parents or carers experiencing challenging behaviours from their children. 

Learning Outcomes

Delivered by our expert trainers, parents and carers will gain a detailed understanding of the drivers behind behaviour, relating to young people’s development emotionally, this will include knowledge of aggressive and disruptive behaviour, the impact of technology and social media on behaviour, and the importance of maintaining effective communication. It equips parents and carers with strategies of de-escalation, both verbal and non-verbal, for dealing with challenging behaviour and teaches simple and safe personal safety elements. Crucially, our entire toolkit is framed within a respectful, supportive approach to behaviour which maintains positive relationships. The course will also cover myth-busting parenting advice, as well as a clear approach to self-awareness.

Course Length
3 Hours
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Per person
£60.00 (+VAT)

The Team Teach Experience

Team Teach is an accredited, award-winning provider of training in positive behavioural management strategies. The Team Teach approach and philosophy has been developed by practitioners with over 20 years’ experience in delivering respectful, accessible and practical behaviour management solutions. We are the only company of our kind to have received a National Training Award, the highest level of award in the UK. Focused on teamwork and communication, our courses foster a supportive approach to help parents or carers maintain positive relationships with their children at home.

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