Course Overview

Positive Behaviour Management Courses

Team Teach provides accredited, award-winning training in positive behaviour management strategies. Our courses equip individuals and teams working with both children and adults in a variety of settings to transform challenging situations and behaviours into positive outcomes and maintain positive relationships.

We also support the mental health and wellbeing of adults, children and young people through our practical and accessible Mental Fitness digital learning course.

Positive Behaviour Training Level One – 6 Hour

Positive Behaviour Training Level One – 6 Hour is a one-day course aimed at individuals operating in low-risk service settings, including mainstream primary and secondary schools, children’s hospitals, adult learning and residential homes.

It equips individuals with simple de-escalation strategies and basic positive handling techniques to deal with challenging behaviour.

Positive Behaviour Training Level Two – 12 Hour

Positive Behaviour Training Level Two – 12 Hour is a two-day course designed to deliver proven, safe strategies for anyone managing challenging behaviour in medium-risk settings, including Pupil Referral Units, special schools, adult learning facilities, children’s homes and health and elderly care settings.

It provides an understanding of the causes of challenging behaviour, along with respectful, supportive and practical strategies for de-escalation and crisis intervention.

Positive Behaviour Training Advanced Modules

Positive Behaviour Training Advanced Modules are designed for individuals who are currently certified in either Level One – 6 Hour and Level Two – 12 Hour courses and working in challenging, high-risk service settings such as Special Schools, Pupil Referral Units (PRUs), Secure Units, children's homes or elderly care.

It provides strategies to ensure personal safety and the reduction of threat, and equips individuals with positive handling techniques which are appropriate in response to extreme, aggressive behaviour.

Positive Behaviour Training Train-the-trainer

Our Positive Behaviour Training Train-the-Trainer courses are for individuals who want to lead on and support the delivery of training in positive behaviour management strategies throughout their organisation.

The five-day Intermediate Train-the-Trainer course equips and certifies individuals to deliver both our Level One – 6 Hour and Level Two – 12 Hour Positive Behaviour Training courses. An additional 4-day Advanced Train-the-Trainer course allows for delivery of our Advanced Modules in Positive Behaviour Management.

Parent Course: Understanding Behaviour

Our three-hour parent course on Understanding Behaviour is designed for parents and carers to learn positive behaviour strategies to maintain healthy and happy relationships with their children at home.

It’s also offers schools an opportunity to host a course on-site for parents or carers from their children’s education setting to build an understanding of behaviour, to use simple de-escalation strategies, and gain a personal awareness to deal with a variety of behaviours and encourage positive relationships in their home environment.

Mental Fitness

Our digital learning Mental Fitness course is designed to help schools to understand, learn and implement positive behaviour strategies to support the mental health and wellbeing of their employees and the children and young people they work with.

It provides a preventative approach to mental health and wellbeing by equipping teachers, support staff, children and young people with the tools to improve their overall mental fitness

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