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Guidance for Inspectors on Restraint and Restriction of Liberty

Written by George Matthews


On 23 March Ofsted published new guidance here for inspectors on the use of physical intervention, restraint and the restriction of liberty.   The document guides inspectors on how to 'question and understand any type of physical intervention or restriction... including the use of isolation / seclusion in schools.'

Reform of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) 2018

Written by George Matthews

By Bernard Allen

The Health Minister has endorsed the Law Commission’s recommendations to replace the current Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) with Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS). The Mental Capacity Act 2005 currently applies to all persons over 16 who are detained in a hospital or care home for the purpose of care or treatment, in circumstances which amount to a deprivation of liberty.

Hawkswood Primary PRU - Waltham Forest

Written by George Matthews

Congratulations to the staff and students of Hawkswood Primary PRU, who demonstrated on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire documentary programme (26/02/18)  the value of committed and supported staff, dedicated to and professionally and personally prepared to work through any “difficult times” with young children, in order to establish positive and consistent relationships – thus providing a positive teaching and learning experience – leading to a potential life changing opportunity for all involved.

See the article that appeared recently (26/2/218) on the BBC web site – see link below:

Although it does not refer to Team Teach training –it is the methodology / training used by staff at this service, euphemistically described as “ safe holding / positive handling” The whole programme can be viewed / downloaded via BBC iPlayer – see link below: 

Reducing the Need for Restraint and Restrictive Intervention

Written by George Matthews

The draft replacement for the 2002 joint guidance for special schools has been released and is currently subject to an online consultation on the Department of Health website until the January 24th 2018. See the link below:

Team Teach fully supports and endorses the views expressed by Bernard Allen (Training Consultant, Principal TT Trainer & Expert Witness (Liability) See "Read More" info button below.

We encourage all trainers, service managers and employers to respond to the consultation. Only by expressing your opinions about what is positive in the guidance and therefore more likely to stay and what areas could be improved, will your voices and opinions be heard and listened to.


Promoting a Positive Culture and Mind-Set

Written by George Matthews

Team Teach would like to congratulate and praise all staff, working in all services, where faced with difficult, disturbing and sometimes dangerous behaviours, put the best interests of the child / young person / adult first and foremost with regard to the actions they take. That they do so, with courage and conviction, knowing that all actions carry an element of risk, but that the need for us all to feel safe and secure, to protect and promote positive relationships, is central to the integrity of the service provided. If staff do not feel safe and valued, nor will children, young people or adults that they educate and care for.