Primary Schools

Transformative behaviour management training for Primary Schools

Team Teach is an accredited, award-winning provider of positive behavioural management training suitable for use throughout the education sector, from early years upwards.

Our strategies equip staff working in primary school environments with the tools they need to understand behaviour, manage challenging situations in the classroom, and minimise serious incidents.

The training is tailored to your needs, solution-focused and thoroughly researched. Our approach has been shown to be transformative in primary schools throughout the UK.

A holistic approach to managing behaviour in your school

We value the importance of respect and positive relationships throughout your school. Our training fosters a culture of support and teamwork, and all strategies are understood in the context of a holistic approach to classroom management which maintains a positive environment. The benefits can be huge, improving morale, confidence and learning outcomes.

Tailored training for primary school staff

Our trainers are experienced and knowledgeable, and every course is tailored specifically for the participants involved. We listen to the needs of our customers in advance, creating a programme designed for the unique challenges and individuals of each school, kindergarten or nursery.

Increasing safety, reducing restraint

Our courses cover personal safety and positive handling training appropriate for primary education settings. However, the focus is on de-escalation and communication strategies which allow challenging behaviours to be transformed into positive outcomes without physical intervention. Our approach is founded on respect for the dignity of children.

Our Courses

Positive Behaviour Management Level One – 6 Hour

A 6-hour course in positive behaviour management strategies for low-risk education settings ideal for mainstream primary schools.

Positive Behaviour Management Level Two – 12 Hour

A 12-hour course exploring a greater range of positive handling techniques, suitable for medium-risk education settings such as SEND schools, specialist units and PRUs.

Positive Behaviour Management Advanced Modules

Our advanced modules teach a range of risk-reduction, positive-handling and intervention strategies for responding to extreme dangerous behaviour in high-risk primary education settings.

Positive Behaviour Management Train-the-Trainer Courses

Two levels of instructor courses equip individuals with the tools and confidence they need to lead on and assist positive behaviour management training in their organisation.

Parent Course: Understanding Behaviour

A three-hour course designed for parents and carers to learn positive behaviour strategies to maintain healthy and happy relationships with their children at home.

Mental Fitness

Our digital learning Mental Fitness course promotes self-awareness and self-reflection equipping teachers, support staff, children and young people to deal with mental health issues through positive behaviour techniques.

What our customers say about us

Thank you for organising the training, we enjoyed the training very much.

We booked this training to be fully aware of all the behaviour management strategies we can use to de-escalate all the situations we have to deal with in school on a daily basis. We chose Team Teach because we heard many positive things regarding the training and the core principals of the training matched our behaviour policy.

It has supported our staff to de-escalate behaviour situations. We liked both the theory and the practice of Level One - the mix of the two was great.

The course provided confidence, instilling the correct behaviour management, ethos of the programme. We recommend this course, it was very helpful and catered to our needs.
Gina Barnes, Vice Principal, Harris Primary Academy Benson

We wanted to ensure that staff were well equipped to effectively handle children’s challenging behaviour, by supporting them with strategies that would enable them to prevent unnecessary escalations of behaviours that could result in harm to the child or others.

Some of our staff have received Team Teach training before and the feedback from these sessions was very positive, so we used Team Teach again.
The course has supported us with strategies that can help us to ensure that children and staff can be kept as safe as possible. It has also given us the opportunity to forward plan and consider potential ways to prevent undesirable behaviour.

The course is of very high quality. The trainer was very open and approachable, he listened carefully to everyone’s needs and expectations and made suitable adaptations to ensure that the learning was as relevant as possible to all attendees.

By completing this course, we’re more equipped to deal with physically challenging behaviour, ensuring that both the child and I stay safe and unharmed. It has made us reflect deeply on scenarios where behaviour has escalated and consider whether there is anymore, we could have done to calm the situation/prevent this. It has also made us reflect more deeply about the wider context of the children involved.
I’d recommend this course to other schools because the course is child-centred and ensures that behaviours are looked at as a form of communication. It encourages participants to consider things from the child’s perspective and then reflect upon actions.

Thank you!
Vanessa Seehra, Early years learning leader, Highlands Primary School

Support positive behaviours with transformative training

Contact us to enquire about any of our training options, or to arrange a tailored, in-house course at your own venue.

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