SEND Schools

Transforming SEND Schools with positive behaviour management strategies

Team Teach provides accredited, award-winning positive behavioural management training which can transform behaviour, culture and practice in SEND schools.

Our courses, tailored to the unique needs of each school, will equip your team with a wide variety of skills for understanding and managing challenging behaviour, reducing conflict and minimising serious incidents.

We believe the staff and students at your SEND school deserve to be safe, and to be treated with respect and dignity: our approach to behaviour management promotes de-escalation and communication over physical intervention wherever possible, and seeks to build and preserve positive relationships.

Tailored training for your school

We will discuss with your school your requirements, and how our training can help to meet them. We carefully design the content and delivery of training so that it complements and works alongside your current practice, and so that individuals can put strategies into action confidently and quickly.

Increasing communication, reducing restraint

Our approach to behaviour management is holistic. Our courses provide an understanding of the causes of disruptive behaviour and teach effective communication techniques for de-escalation, as well as safe positive handling. The aim is always to reduce the need for restraint, and increase the safety of your school.

Practical training based on experience

Our courses are all created by practitioners with over 20 years’ experience delivering innovative and proven behaviour management solutions for the education sector. We are the market leader because our training is reasoned, researched and shown to be transformative for staff working with learning disabilities, autism and other special educational needs.

Our Courses

Positive Behaviour Management Level One – 6 Hour

Our 6-hour course is relevant to ancillary staff in special needs settings for who may need a basic understanding of positive behaviour strategies in order to offer witness support.

Positive Behaviour Management Level Two – 12 Hour

A 12-hour course exploring a greater range of positive handling techniques, suitable for medium-risk special educational needs settings.

Positive Behaviour Management Advanced Modules

Our advanced modules teach a range of risk-reduction, positive-handling and intervention strategies for responding to extreme dangerous behaviour in high-risk special educational needs settings.

Positive Behaviour Management Train-the-Trainer Courses

Two levels of instructor courses equip individuals with the tools and confidence they need to lead on and assist positive behaviour management training in their organisation.

Parent Course: Understanding Behaviour

A three-hour course designed for parents and carers to learn positive behaviour strategies to maintain healthy and happy relationships with their children at home.

Mental Fitness

Our digital learning Mental Fitness course promotes self-awareness and self-reflection equipping teachers, support staff, children and young people to deal with mental health issues through positive behaviour techniques.

What our customers say about us

The switch to Team Teach this year has really complimented our holistic approach to positive behaviour support at Abbot’s Lea School. The senior Team Teach trainers have provided an extremely personalised approach that has helped us to consider how to best meet all needs at our school, with a clear focus on reducing risk and restraint. We have been able to use some of our own case studies during training, to plan for better support and positive change.

A Team Teach 12-hour course was delivered to all staff in September, and the feedback received from that course was fantastic. Our school has adopted and embraced the new consistent approach to behaviour support well, using the help-script to offer support to colleagues and students.

It should also be noted that the service we have received from Head Office, in relation to booking courses, has been overwhelmingly positive. We never have to wait for long to hear a response, and we have felt as though the advisers and trainers have really taken the time to understand and meet our needs as an organisation.

We are still in the early stages of using Team Teach after historic use of an alternative approach, but we have felt well supported by the materials that are easily accessed from the Team Teach website and the support available from senior trainers.
Micah Grimshaw, Head of Autism Research and Development, Abbot's Lea School

Team Teach is a tried and trusted package which we have used for many years in our SEMH setting. It encompasses everything our pupils need; from low level de-escalation in the classroom, up to diffusing high levels of aggression using techniques that are well thought out. The course deliverers understand the behaviours we deal with and are able to speak from first-hand experience, which only adds to the integrity of the course content.
Pupil Support Manager, Moorbrook SEMH School

Support positive behaviours with transformative training

Contact us to enquire about any of our training options, or to arrange a tailored, in-house course at your own venue.

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Team Teach is evolving, with the launch of our new website and Connect platform. Connect is a new way for us to add ongoing support, a wealth of practical resources and the latest thinking in behaviour support. Keep an eye out for more info in your email inbox.