Teachers & Support Staff

Equipping teachers and support staff with positive behaviour management strategies

Team Teach are the market leaders in providing positive behavioural management training which transforms outcomes for teachers, support staff and children.

Our training equips teachers, teaching assistants and other staff working in educational environments with practical tools to manage challenging or disruptive behaviour. The approach prioritises de-escalation and communication strategies, reducing the need for physical restraint, and transforming crisis situations into learning opportunities.

Our training is accessible and tailored specifically to the needs of every participant. Our courses are award-winning, practical, solution-focused and delivered by hugely experienced and knowledgeable trainers.

Practical tools for teachers and support staff

We equip every participant on our courses with a full range of behaviour management tools, so that teachers and support workers can respond intelligently and confidently to any situation that may arise. We give them tools that will allow them to not only manage behaviour, but maintain positive relationships while dealing with challenging situations.

Avoiding physical intervention and increasing respect

We value the dignity of the children in your school, who are the real beneficiaries of our training. The Team Teach approach focuses on fostering a positive environment where physical handling is used only as a last resort. Our training emphasises communication and de-escalation, as well as a full understanding of the causes of challenging behaviour, reducing the need for invasive interventions.

Tailored training for every learning environment

In order to ensure that our training is efficient and transformational, every course is designed specifically for the needs of the participants. We talk to every client in advance, ensuring that their course will be responsive to their work environment, and will empower staff to stay safe, support each other, and manage challenging situations in a respectful way.

Our Courses

Positive Behaviour Management Level One – 6 Hour

A 6-hour course in positive behaviour management strategies for low-risk education settings ideal for primary schools as well as mainstream secondary schools.

Positive Behaviour Management Level Two – 12 Hour

A 12-hour course exploring a greater range of positive handling techniques, suitable for medium-risk education settings such as SEND schools, both primary and secondary, and PRUs.

Positive Behaviour Management Advanced Modules

Our advanced modules teach a range of risk-reduction, positive-handling and intervention strategies for responding to extreme dangerous behaviour in high-risk education settings.

Positive Behaviour Management Train-the-Trainer Courses

Two levels of instructor courses equip individuals with the tools and confidence they need to lead on and assist positive behaviour management training in their organisation.

Mental Fitness

Our digital learning Mental Fitness course promotes self-awareness and self-reflection equipping teachers, support staff, children and young people to deal with mental health issues through positive behaviour techniques.

What our customers say about us

In 10 years of teaching this is the first course that has provided me with a confidence for my safety, my pupils safety and a way forward for staff and pupils together to build more productive and positive relationships.
Senior Teacher, EBD Residential School

I implemented Team Teach to all staff as of October 2017 and I spent my first 6 months visible in the provision promoting positive relationships and challenging negative behaviours. The impact of Team Teach has transformed the behaviour in the provision, and criminal damage and the rate of exclusion are unrecognisable since I took over.
Head Teacher, Pupil Referral Unit

Support positive behaviours with transformative training

Contact us to enquire about any of our training options, or to arrange a tailored, in-house course at your own venue.

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