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Positive behaviour management training to transform Health & Social Care

Team Teach’s award-winning positive behaviour management training is suitable for a wide range of health and social care settings. Our courses equip individuals and teams with strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour that can transform outcomes in hospitals, care homes, facilities for addiction, mental health, and beyond.

Our framework is based on a sophisticated understanding of challenging behaviour, and provides a versatile set of tools to manage conflict, crisis and aggression. Our approach vastly reduces the need for invasive restraint, minimises serious incidents, and increases the quality of care provided.

We provide training which is thoroughly researched and accessible to staff at any level. Our approach has been developed by practitioners with over 20 years of experience and each course is tailored to the needs of the participants.

Improving safety and confidence of health and care workers

Team Teach training prioritises the personal safety of staff and service users alike. Individuals are equipped with a toolbox of effective techniques for managing behaviour. As a result, they feel safer and more confident: more able to carry out their job, and to help others. Our training equips a toolkit that can help reduce stress, conflict, and staff turnover.

Reducing restraint through practical solutions

Our courses provide a range of safe, proven positive handling techniques, but place the greatest emphasis on practical de-escalation and communication strategies so that physical intervention and restraint can be avoided wherever possible.

Enhancing quality of care

The Team Teach approach is focused on strategies which foster positive relationships throughout your work environment, improving teamwork and morale. Our training encourages individuals to turn challenging situations into learning opportunities, leading to a noticeable improvement in the standard of care provided.

Our Courses

Positive Behaviour Management Level One – 6 Hour

A 6-hour course in positive behaviour management strategies for low-risk health and social care settings, including foster care and hospitals.

Positive Behaviour Management Level Two – 12 Hour

A 12-hour course exploring a greater range of positive handling techniques, suitable for medium-risk health and social care settings such as residential care homes, facilities for addiction and mental health.

Positive Behaviour Management Advanced Modules

Our advanced modules teach a range of risk-reduction, positive-handling and intervention strategies for responding to extreme dangerous behaviour in high-risk health and social care settings.

Positive Behaviour Management Train-the-Trainer Courses

Two levels of instructor courses equip individuals with the tools and confidence they need to lead on and assist positive behaviour management training in their organisation.

Parent Course: Understanding Behaviour

A three-hour course designed for parents and carers to learn positive behaviour strategies to maintain healthy and happy relationships with their children at home.

What our customers say about us

I have been an Advanced Trainer in Team Teach for the past nine years.

Team Teach gives a versatility that I haven’t seen in any other system available. It helps us as an employer meet our legal obligations under Health & Safety to ensure our staff are equipped for their job, whether that be skilled in a range of personal safety techniques for our lone workers, to being skilled in a range of positive handling techniques for our Residential Services for Children and Young People, alongside the theoretical knowledge base to understand behaviour and use a range of de-escalation techniques.

For me the supportive website, access to video clips and only a phone call-away approach from Team Teach staff and Principal Trainers make this a very effective and user-friendly system, that I would highly recommend.
Martin Sweeney, Advanced Trainer and Team Teach Coordinator for Mid Lothian Council

Excellent trainers. The way the people on the course gelled together. The understanding that weapons are in use more and more in our workplace. The knowledge of everyone.
Residential Care Worker, Health and Social Care Organisation

Breadth of experience, accessed & shared care and commitment to our clients. Exploration, development and questioning of practice.
Residential Care Worker, Health and Social Care Organisation

Support positive behaviours with transformative training

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