Positive Behaviour Training


Why choose in-house training?

Every organisation is different. The distressed behaviour you see may differ completely from another setting. Choosing in-house training puts the emphasis on you and your team’s specific needs.

If you have a number of people who require training, we can develop a course that fits your requirements and deliver it at a venue provided by your organisation. Our accredited, award-winning training covers everything you need to build positive relationships, increase staff confidence and equip your team with a practical toolkit of safe and effective de-escalation and crisis intervention strategies.

In-house training gives your team the opportunity to talk about the challenges they face and develop a consistent, positive response to distressed behaviour. Our practical toolkit approach gives your team a wide range of strategies and techniques that minimises risk, to manage conflict safely and respectfully in your setting.

There are many benefits to choosing in-house training:

1: A cost effective choice

Arranging for large groups to leave your organisation and attend external training can be costly. You must consider travel expenses and even overnight accommodation. And then there’s the impact it has on your setting. Arranging rotas, covering the time spent travelling on top of the length of the course, and the strain it puts on your organisation when the training isn’t running on a convenient day.

Holding in-house training removes the associated costs you experience with external courses. You can choose the dates to suit you and make use of your existing facilities. It’s a simple way to save time and money.

2: Team building opportunities

At Team Teach, we focus on communication and teamwork to foster supportive working practices. Our training helps you develop a shared vision and develop relationships, both with distressed individuals and across your team. It helps your organisation work together to transform challenging situations into positive outcomes.

3: Efficient training

When a group receives the same high-level of training at once, it creates shared understanding and has an immediate impact across your organisation.

It establishes:

  • Consistent use of language around behaviour
  • Shared commitment to positive behaviour techniques
  • Reassurance that all staff understand their legal responsibilities
  • Understanding of safe strategies and techniques to use

When individual members of staff receive training, the key messages are often diluted, misunderstood, or forgotten when they return to work. Training a larger number of your team ensures immediate clarity and consistency for your whole organisation.

4: Convenient for you

Often external training courses don’t fit around the pressure points your organisation experiences. There are a limited selection of dates to choose from. You must decide whether to wait for training that’s geographically close to you or travel across the country to attend a session.

By choosing in-person training, you can plan around the needs of your organisation. There’s no travel time to factor in and you can use your existing facilities. Simply share the best dates on your calendar and we’ll book you in.

5: Upskilling your team

Team Teach training transforms workplaces, relationships and develops expertise. It equips your team to manage distressed behaviour and conflict safely and respectfully, driving positive outcomes.

Your training covers:

  • Specific solutions designed for your setting
  • Understanding behaviour and our responses to it
  • Strategies to ensure personal safety and the reduction of risk
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Putting the needs of the distressed individual at the centre of our thinking

Choosing in-person training gives everyone the confidence and strategies they need to de-escalate challenging situations and reduce the need for physical intervention. It makes your workplace a safe place to be.

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Positive Behaviour Training: Advanced


Positive Behaviour Training: BILD Certified


Booking Process

If you’d like us to provide in-house training for your organisation, fill out the enquiry form on the course you’d like to book and we’ll be in touch to discuss your training requirements. One of our experienced lead trainers will arrange a further consultation to discuss your needs in more detail and arrange dates for the delivery of the course.

We design our in-house courses for groups of 12 or more. Fewer participants may attend, but you will be billed for a minimum of 12.

Coming soon: Team Teach Connect.

Team Teach is evolving, with the launch of our new website and Connect platform. Connect is a new way for us to add ongoing support, a wealth of practical resources and the latest thinking in behaviour support. Keep an eye out for more info in your email inbox.