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Greetings from the new Team Teach Management partners!

Written by George Matthews

 We are hugely excited by the opportunity to continue the journey of Team Teach and see the impact of the training options reach a wider audience across the education sector and hopefully introduce the benefits to other sectors! We have been able to see the difference attending a course can make to individual teachers and support staff, which ultimately changes the experience for children, young people and beyond.

Having now spoken to most of the Principal trainers their passion for Team Teach and desire to see it grow is abundantly clear, and we are confident that this will be evident at every level and cross section of trainers both here and overseas. We hope to continue open channels of communication with you all and partner with you to seek out new opportunities and areas for growth. Very much a consultative and collaborative approach!

As Group CEO, Azam Mohammed (Az) has over 18-years experience in the education sector, having successfully led a range of companies. His move to create a group of education services companies is driven by the desire to see real impact being made where it matters most in the classroom. He is particularly excited about the opportunity to grow Team Teach within education and other sectors. Az has a very relational style of leadership which allows for clarity in communication of vision, seeing growth opportunity and above all valuing people. Az promises exciting times for the Team Teach brand, but he is keen to stress that against this background of strategic progression, the company is maintaining a business as usual focus - delivering the best solutions around positive behaviour, with his investment focused on giving greater opportunity for growth and development of new initiatives. Az is clear that, our customers should rest assured that the fundamental principles that make the brand so unique will not be compromised.

I will be assuming the role of Operations Director. I have over 25-years experience in teaching, having spent 17-years at Barnardos involved in leading their flagship special school. I have experience as a speaker & trainer, having been internationally recognised for my work around behaviour, ethos and culture. Over the last 5 years I have worked with Az creating solutions for schools, particularly around recruitment and retention. I have a detailed working knowledge of Team Teach, I share Az & George’s excitement for the future of the organisation and it’s potential to have an increased impact in the sector.

Lastly, please be assured that Team Teach will run very independently within the group of companies with absolutely no compromise to its brand and integrity.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all in the future.

Warmest Regards Jonathan

Jonathan Newport | Operations Director Team Teach BEd Hons NPQH M: +44 (0)7860 845735

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