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'Hundreds of pupils spend week in school isolation booths'

Written by George Matthews

"1. Behaviour and Discipline in Schools, January 2016 - confuses isolation, seclusion and withdrawal. They are not the same thing. 2. Keeping Children Safe in Education, September 2018 - confuses discipline, sanctions, and safeguarding in relation to the use of restraint and restriction .

"Para 97. When applying disciplinary measures such as restraint or isolation in response to incidents involving children with SEN and disabilities, schools and colleges should consider the risks carefully, given the additional vulnerability of the group.” This is careless use of language

Team-Teach retains the distinction between withdrawal, time-out, and seclusion. Withdrawal involves the young person being supported and monitored to enable them to rejoin as soon as possible. It is not a sanction. That is what we support. In relation to the exclusion case, the key here was that the school had not shown that it had made reasonable adjustments to avoid the exclusion. Providers need to show that they have made all reasonable adjustments to prevent the necessity for the use of restraint, restriction or exclusion (whether or not children and young people have additional special needs)".

Bernard Allen Training Consultant & Expert Witness (Liability)