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Guidance on reducing risk, restraint and restriction

Written by George Matthews

The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has stated that it: " believes the lack of coherent and consistent guidance on restraint for schools (special and mainstream), from the relevant authorities, needs to be addressed urgently" See link below for more details.

NAHT supports and endorses the paper by Bernard Allen dated 14 November 2014 called 'Improving Guidance on Reducing Risk, Restraint and Restriction in Children's Services'.

Bernard Allen is one of UK's leading experts on SEN and physical interventions and restraint.

"NAHT endorses the paper both in its call for correct, coherent and consistent guidance and in its analysis of good practice and the law on restraint and restriction of liberty."

The same document (NSEND Guidance) can also be downloaded from the "Contact Us" section of the tt web site