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"I worked with disruptive and disturbed pupils for 18 years before receiving any formal training in physical intervention. Since having completed my training I am considerably more confident and no longer resort immediately to a prone restraint. As a Headteacher of a school for children with emotional and behaviour difficulties (EBD) and having now trained all my staff in the Team-Teach Approach, I have significantly fewer recorded full-blown restraints and this in particular noticeable in relation to prone restraints.

Furthermore, the ability of all staff to make an appropriate physical interventions has significantly increased their confidence to deal with situations and this in itself because of their understanding of the process taking place and of the place of physical restraint within the wider framework of behaviour management, has meant that fewer situations escalate to a point where physical restraint becomes necessary. All staff now share the wider perspective and skills base and this better enables them to support each other and understand the expectations of them in difficult situations."

D.R. Lloyd