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Team Teach training has provided 'Our School' with greater team work. Staff morale has become improved due to staff feeling that they are able to cope with situations that may arise in a positive, gradual and graded approach and they are able to safely de-escalate situations. They have a greater understanding of using non verbal, verbal communications and other strategies concerning effective communication and a whole school approach has helped to make pupils and staff feel safer and supported.

There has also grown greater communications with parents and outside agencies who are more aware of our school policies, strategies and training concerning behaviour management strategies. I would recommend all schools to become more aware of the need for positive behavioural management strategies and Team Teach provides an outstanding training programme which is vital. Team Teach provides a way of management which continues throughout a schools life. It is not just a course that a member of staff takes; Team Teach provides continuous up to-date techniques covering all aspects of managing strategies and these benefit all staff to provide a safe, supportive environment for pupils and increased confidence and competence in management of challenging behaviour.

I have recommended Team Teach to many colleagues working in other schools and children's homes and I hope that other establishments take up the opportunities of Instructors courses and In-house training. In 10 years of teaching this is the first course that has provided me with a confidence for my safety, my pupils safety and away forward for staff and pupils together to build more productive and positive relationships.

The courses are clear, precise, practical and due to George Matthews extensive working experience with special needs pupils, relevant to situations in a variety of special schools and mainstream schools. The training complies with the good practice guide lines produced by the DfEE / DOH and this has enabled all the staff at our school to become more aware of the protection of children and staff.

Written By: Marie Collins 

Senior Teacher EBD Residential School