Two Day Basic

Description: Aimed at medium risk individual challenging behaviours and service settings: special schools, PRU's,  children's homes, elderly care services, etc..Typically staff supporting individuals with documented challenging behaviours / special needs that foreseeably poses a physical risk to self or others.

This course covers: personal safety, team building, non verbal and verbal de-escalation communication strategies, positive handling techniques, together with documentation and legal guidance, listening and learning, recording, reporting and reviewing.


Our 12 Hour Basic courses are delivered "in house" with bespoke content to meet specific workplace behavioural safety needs. We do not run general courses that outside participants can join in. An initial visit by the lead trainer, meeting with management, will determine the content of the course. 

At the booking stage, no financial commitment is made. There will need to be a discussion with the allocated lead trainer with regard to any travel, accommodation or subsistence costs. These should be agreed before the initial visit, where with senior leadership and management, course content is discussed, training venue risk assessed and advice on paperwork underpinning practice provided if appropriate.

The course is organised into 8 modules

Module 1 - Background to Team-Teach

Module 2 - The Legal Framework

Module 3 - Understanding Aggression

Module 4 - How Feelings Drive Behaviours

Module 5 - De-escalation and Delusion

Module 6 - Personal Safety

Module 7 - Positive Handling (This section includes guiding, escorting and holding in standing, sitting and kneeing positions safety - techniques will be delivered appropriate to the service group)

Module 8 - Repair, Reflection and Review

Participants will receive a Course Workbook and upon successful completion a certificate.

Certification for this course is valid for 24 months.


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