Transformational training for parents in positive behaviour strategies

Team Teach provides understanding behaviour courses for parents or carers of children and young people of any age, or children with special needs and disabilities. Our courses transform a parent or a carer’s ability to understand and implement simple de-escalation strategies to deal with challenging behaviour and encourage and maintain positive relationships.

We equip parents and carers with the tools needed to manage disruptive behaviour in the home and communication strategies to prevent situations from escalating. Our thorough training allows parents and carers to feel confident, helping improve relationships within the family, and with schools or other support providers.

Our training is tailored to your needs and has been thoroughly researched and developed by a team with over 20 years of experience in mainstream and special needs education settings.

Improving relationships with children

Our approach, based on respect for children, will give parents and carers a full and thorough understanding of the causes of challenging behaviour, including how technology and social media can affect and drive behaviours. We believe that if you understand your child’s behaviour, you will be in a better position to manage situations, prevent escalation, and create and maintain positive relationships.

Increasing parents’ and carers’ confidence

We provide strategies of de-escalation and communication which are designed to allow parents and carers to manage behaviour safely and confidently. Increased confidence can allow parents and carers to de-escalate crisis situations effectively.

Tailored training for parents and carers

Our Parent Course: Understanding Behaviour is tailored specifically for the needs of parents and carers of children and young people seeking an understanding of positive behaviour strategies. We run open, public courses or work with you and your education provider to deliver a course suitable and useful for your situation on-site at your education provider’s setting.

Our Courses

Parent Course: Understanding Behaviour Open Course

A three-hour course in positive behaviour strategies open to parents and carers of children and young people of any age, which are held at set venues arranged by Team Teach.

Parent Course: Understanding Behaviour Closed Course

Held on-site at your education provider’s setting, Team Teach delivers its three-hour understanding behaviour course for parents comprising simple de-escalation, communication and positive behaviour strategies for you and other parents and carers from your education provider. This course can be tailored in conjunction with your education provider.

What our customers say about us

The course opened my mind to create a better way to educate my child.
Parent, London

Clear strategies to use for situations. Would have liked this course many years ago! Increased my understanding from a child's point of view.
Parent, Tettenhall Wood School

It's great. I liked the part that explores where we have to understand ourselves first, then understand our kids to think about the best response at the end.
Parent, London

It's given me a great deal of information on how to approach my grandson and understanding his behaviour.
Grandparent, Tettenhall Wood School

Amazing, loved the organic way it is lead, but still very structured. Great insights and felt there is still a lot more in this field.
Parent, London

Practical aspect of putting ourselves in the position and mind-frame of our children, so we can see the world from their eyes. Also, the self-awareness - having the time and space to think about my parenting style.
Parent, London

Excellent introduction - can see that all elements can be expanded on greatly.
Parent, Tettenhall Wood School

Digging deeper into the emotions connected to behaviour. I feel I've gained another perspective to help my family. The science/neurology was interesting.
Parent, Tettenhall Wood School

Support positive behaviours with transformative training

Book now onto one of our open understanding behaviour parenting courses, or to arrange a tailored, closed course in conjunction with your education provider, contact us.

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Team Teach is evolving, with the launch of our new website and Connect platform. Connect is a new way for us to add ongoing support, a wealth of practical resources and the latest thinking in behaviour support. Keep an eye out for more info in your email inbox.