Complaints Policy

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Team Teach is committed to the principles set out in its Code of Practice and Protocols for Trainers.

1.2 Team Teach encourages customers/ commissioning organisations to share their thoughts and opinions by formal summary evaluation.

1.3 Team Teach recognises that situations/ events occur, whereby a service user/ course participant or qualified trainer may wish to complain, make comments and/or suggestions relating to an aspect of the service they have received.

1.4 Team Teach takes a positive view of complaints, comments and suggestions, and believes that they are a valuable source of information, recognising their value to the process of continuous quality improvement.

2.0 Scope of the Policy

2.1 This policy has been written to offer all trainers/ commissioners of training clear guidance on how complaints will be managed by the company.

2.2 This policy does not and will not supersede the policies and procedures of a member carrying out duties on behalf of their employing organisation.

2.3 If a member is in breach of their employer’s policies and procedures, the lead organisation for complaint investigation will be the members employer.

2.4 Any complaint coming directly to Team Teach, regarding a member acting on behalf of an employer will be referred on to that employer by the Director.

2.5 The Director will assist the employer by nominating a Principal or Senior Trainer to act as an expert witness and to assist in the investigation, if required.

2.6 Only where the member is self-employed acting as a Principal or Senior Trainer will Team Teach take the lead in a complaint’s investigation.

3.0 General Principles of the Complaints Procedure

3.1 Any complaint or suggestion will be listened to in a sympathetic manner, taken seriously, and the complainant assured that it will be dealt with.

3.2 The receiver of complaints or suggestions will avoid being defensive or seeking to persuade the complainant to withdraw his/her complaint.

3.3 Where possible, remedial action (if appropriate) will be taken immediately and the complainant informed that this has been done. If this is not practical, or the complainant remains dissatisfied, the Director will be informed, and appropriate action taken.

3.4 Complainants will be encouraged to make a written submission, detailing their complaint or suggestion. There will, however, be occasions when this is inappropriate or when a complainant is unwilling or unable to make a written submission. In such circumstances, the receiver will record full details of an oral complaint. If the receiver has any difficulties with the customer concerned, they may wish to consult with a member of staff from the Commissioning Organisation or a colleague who can assist in recording the complaint and be a witness to what is being said.

3.5 All complaints will be dealt with within the agreed timescale of the procedure wherever possible.

3.6 Depending on the nature of the complaint, Team Teach may have a duty to inform other relevant parties, e.g. an individual’s employer. This decision will be taken by the Director.

3.7 A brief written report of each complaint, including its conclusion, will be compiled and a copy forwarded to the Director.

4.0 Resolution – In Person and Telephone Complaints

4.1 Many anxieties or criticisms, which are expressed verbally, can be satisfactorily resolved at the source of concern e.g. through the course of a training session. The points raised may, or may not, appear to be fair comment, but it will be remembered that this is how a service has been perceived by its user(s). Objective and constructive handling or explanation can resolve most concerns expressed in this way.

4.2 The receiver of a face-to-face or telephone complaint, which he/she cannot immediately resolve, will contact the Director or Principal/ Senior Trainer for advice, guidance or assistance in dealing with the complaint.

4.3 If it is not possible to resolve the complaint within 5 working days, full details will be forwarded to the Director for processing as a formal complaint.

4.4 The complainant will be advised of this action.

5.0 Resolution – Written Complaints

5.1 Formal written complaints must be sent to and/ or via post to 5th Floor, Longbow House, 20 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4TW. This will be passed on to the nominated recipient for all complaints relating to Team Teach.

5.2 Written complaints received by any Principal or Senior Trainer of Team Teach will be forwarded immediately to the Director.

5.3 The receiver will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, explaining to the complainant that it has been forwarded to the Director under the Team Teach Complaints Procedure Policy for investigation and reply.

5.4 All complaints received by the Director will, where possible, be acknowledged in writing within 5 working days. The acknowledgement will thank the complainant for their communication, an indication of how the issue will be handled and advise that a full reply will follow.

5.5 As complaints may involve various different aspects of the services provided by Team Teach, it may be beneficial for investigation to be conducted at a local/operational level. To achieve this, the Director will liaise with the trainer concerned with the situation, and where appropriate, the Principal/ Senior Trainer and/or employing authority during the investigation/ response process.

5.6 Investigations about complaints will take place as soon as is possible, with the aim of having them completed and a full response prepared, agreed by those concerned and issued within 25 working days of receipt of the original complaint.

5.7 If the investigations may take longer, the reasons for the delay will be discussed and agreed with those concerned. The Director will, if necessary, issue an interim response within this period, outlining progress made with enquiries and difficulties encountered in completing the investigation.

5.8 The formal response will be prepared by the Director, and where appropriate, the relevant Principal/ Senior Trainer involved in the investigation and signed off by the Director. All replies will include a prompt, thorough, straightforward, sincere response. Explanations of the actions of the investigation will be made and, where applicable, an indication of improvement in quality of service will be made. An apology will be made where necessary.

5.9 If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of this process, they may request further investigation by commissioning an independent review. Team Teach will welcome and work alongside any independent review requested by the complainant.

6.0 Other Aspects of Complaints

6.1 Relevant Professional Bodies

In matters of complaints against Team Teach Trainers, it is recommended, and in the interests of the trainer, that they seek the advice, support and help of any appropriate professional bodies and staff representative bodies at an early stage of complaints handling.

6.2 Serious Professional Misconduct

Where a complaint alleges serious misconduct by a Team Teach Trainer, the Director has a duty and a responsibility to report the issue to the appropriate professional governing body for full investigation.

6.3 Criminal Acts and Offences

Where it appears, on receipt of a complaint or after an investigation, that an offence has been committed, the Director has a duty and responsibility to ensure that the Police are called in to investigate further.

7.0 Quality Control and Complaints Handling

7.1 Team Teach ensures an overview of complaint handling, trends and quality issues is maintained.

7.2 Information about complaints will be presented in a manner which does not jeopardise confidential aspects of complaints. Quality improvements, which arise out of such investigations will be taken forward by all trainers and shared within the Trainers' Area on the website.

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