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If you’re a Team Teach accredited trainer for your organisation, you’ll need to complete a short re-accreditation course annually to continue delivering training. Our trainer courses are valid for twelve months, so you’ll need to book your re-accreditation course within this time period.

How to book a re-accreditation course

Booking a Team Teach trainer re-accreditation course is easy. We have a wide range of dates and locations available across the UK. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss holding Team Teach training at your venue.

To book an open course: Use our search tool to browse the dates and locations of our open courses. It’s simple to book online using a credit card or generate an invoice for your employer.

For in-house training: For groups of twelve or more, register your interest by filling in our simple enquiry form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your training requirements. One of our experienced lead trainers will arrange a further consultation to discuss your needs in more detail and arrange dates for the delivery of the course.

The benefits of re-accreditation

The benefits of re-accreditation

  • Continue leading and supporting the delivery of training in your organisation
  • Stay aware of statutory guidance and legal changes
  • Refresh your knowledge
  • Keep consistent in your approach
  • Update your skills
  • Invest in your continued professional development
  • Required for NHS commissioned services

We have specifically designed our refresher courses for individuals who have already achieved an Intermediate or Advanced trainer full pass, covering everything you need to keep confidently delivering Team Teach training in your organisation.

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Key course information

Team Teach accreditation lasts for 12 months. You will need to complete a re-accreditation course annually to ensure you are qualified to continue delivering training.

Intermediate level re-accreditation 

This comprehensive two-day refresher course re-accredits those who have achieved a full pass on the Intermediate Trainer course within the past 12 months. It certifies you to continue teaching the Level One and Level Two courses for a further 12 months.

Alternatively, an ‘Assist pass’ gained at a previous Intermediate Trainer course can be upgraded to a full pass by successfully completing an Intermediate Trainer reaccreditation course.

Course Requirements: A valid Intermediate Trainer certificate.

Advanced level re-accreditation

This intensive three-day course re-accredits individuals who have been Advanced Trainer certified within the past 12 months to deliver our Advanced positive behaviour modules for an additional 12-month period.

Course requirements: A valid Advanced Trainer certificate and one-day Emergency at Work First Aid Qualification, or equivalent.

Coming soon: Team Teach Connect.

Team Teach is evolving, with the launch of our new website and Connect platform. Connect is a new way for us to add ongoing support, a wealth of practical resources and the latest thinking in behaviour support. Keep an eye out for more info in your email inbox.