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Team Teach joins Empowering Learning and Timeplan education group.

Team Teach Ltd has been acquired by Duster Group, a UK company based in London with interests in training and recruitment. The Group of companies are led by Azam Mohammed, Group CEO and his management team who are backed by Graphite Capital, a credible mid-size private equity house. The Group specifically consists of Empowering Learning Ltd and TimePlan Education Group Ltd, both companies operate independently, as will Team Teach.

I will assume the role of Chairman, having an active consultancy role, overseeing further growth strategies and developments, as well as maintaining the quality control, assurance and support that is valued by customers and individuals we support. So, it will be largely “business as usual” – not much, other than the addition of more courses, should change in the short term.

I’m sure you will hear from Azam Mohammed in due course, in his words: “The acquisition of Team Teach is an exciting opportunity to facilitate further growth in training availability in an already highly reputable and credible business which hinges on the relationships and great work trainers are doing in the market place. Our aim is to provide the required investment and infrastructure to help grow Team Teach globally, providing a toolkit for trainers to make their jobs easier by developing the required back office support functions and ensuring the core values, culture and autonomy trainers operate within are retained”.

Additionally, the buyers will have a key figure, Jonathan Newport involved in day-to-day operations working alongside myself. Jonathan will assume the role of Operations Director and has had first-hand experience of working in residential special needs services and knows Team Teach training. He is excited about the prospect of making Team Teach training available to a wider audience. Jonathan is currently an Intermediate trainer and a keen advocate of our training systems.

Both Azam and Jonathan understand the value of the Team Teach relationship approach, rather than just concentrating on the financial numbers. I believe, that they will provide greater future opportunities and security for self-employed and employer Team Teach trainers.

I appreciate that this news may come as a surprise, but l believe, that the Team Teach training approach should grow stronger and prosper, with more opportunities for all involved.

Please be reassured that this is actually great news, especially for those who hold trainer qualifications/AOL licences, as there is now more security and certainty going forward, with a professional infrastructure to be put in place and a transition to a structure that can provide growth and greater opportunities for all involved.

The points emphasised in the paragraphs above, especially with reference to “business as usual” are aimed at making it as clear as l can, that there is no intention to change the present training delivery structures, especially of the Principal and Senior Trainers AOL Employer Licence agreements. This delivery framework has been central to the success of spreading the Team Teach message.

Clearly any change can cause anxiety, but be reassured that l shall, as Chairman, be keen to work with Azam and Jonathan, to ensure that we move forward, protecting the positive relationships that we have established with all the authorities, employers and trainers that we work with.


Please feel free to call me with any comments or concerns, additionally I have listed Azam and Jonathan’s details below:

George Matthews: george@team-teach.co.uk

Jonathan Newport- jonathan.newport@teamteach.co.uk

Azam Mohammed: mohammed.azam@empowering-learning.co.uk

22 Aug 2018
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