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Webinars and On-demand

Learn more about the philosophy and methods that inform Team Teach's approach to behaviour through our live webinars and recorded on-demand content.

Each webinar is led by one of our experts in understanding behaviour and covers a different aspect of the Team Teach methodology.

Upcoming Webinars

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Thursday 22nd September 2022: Trauma Informed Thinking of Team Teach.

In this webinar Team Teach behaviour specialists Nancy Hooper and Jonathan Newport discuss the importance of incorporating trauma informed thinking into your practice.

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Thursday 13th October 2022: Growing a Puzzle Solving Culture.

In this webinar we explore a puzzle solving approach to behaviour and the benefits it can bring to all. Learn to understand how you can become a puzzle solver who understands the complexity of behaviour and the needs of those you support to create real change.

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Wednesday 16th November 2022: De-mystifying Dynamic Risk Assessment.

In this webinar we cut through the complexities of dynamic risk assessment and discuss how to respond to unforeseen emergencies. We know that even the best planning system cannot cover every eventuality and that there are unforeseen or emergency situations in which staff have to think on their feet and may require an emergency response with a dynamic risk assessment.

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Thursday 8th December 2022: Me Not You! My Behaviour is Communication.

In this webinar we explore how our own behaviour is communication and turn the spotlight back on ourselves. This self-analysis and reflection toolkit helps us to understand how we affect the behaviour of those around us.

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On-demand - View Past Webinars

View our recent webinars below, for free.

Webinar- Hare & Tortoise Thinking

This webinar is an opportunity to spend time considering how often we think fast and potentially rush into situations with distressed individuals in our care because we feel we need to sort it out there and then.

Sometimes, thinking slowly and having a self awareness level allows us to better support those we provide care to.

This webinar applies to individuals that work within Health & Social Care settings and will provide insight into care for those you support, whether they be adults or children.

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Reducing Restrictive Practices While Minimising Risk

This webinar from Team Teach Health & Social Care specialist Nancy Hooper discusses the need to understand the balance between risk and restraint and how applying a continuum approach will minimise the need for restraint alongside minimising risk for all.

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Becoming a Team Teach Trainer

In this webinar, Jonathan Newport speaks of the benefits of becoming a Team Teach Trainer.

By becoming a Team Teach trainer you can support the development of a greater team dynamic when supporting individuals who are distressed with approaches that impact and strengthen relationships. We provide you with a toolkit of understanding and awareness of behaviour as communication and develop a framework to respond better to reduce risk; we also support you through your journey with 24-7 access to our training area.

To discuss options with us, please email info@teamteach.co.uk or call +44 (0) 20 3746 0938.

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